Episode 2 of the EduPlex Ministries Podcast Posted

Web Here’s the latest installment of the new podcast from EduPlex Ministries.

It’s hard to resist the urge to just put all the content from Dr Sawyer into one BIG podcast and let it roll. There’s so much though from just 5 minutes.

As you listen to this, I think it’s clear why we were so inspired to build a series of class and study guides around The Shack. Even if you don’t see eye-to-eye with some of the themes in this book, the dialog it has created is invaluable.


In this, and the next few episodes of this podcast, we talk to Dr Jim Sawyer of EduPlex Ministries about the book, The Shack by Paul Young. During his studies of the book Dr Sawyer identified five big questions people commonly ask. In this recording, we hear him discuss the first of these questions.

If you have any questions or comments about the show, send them to podcast@eduplex.org. We’re just getting started and would like to hear what YOU want to hear about.

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Moving Beyond The Shack with The Shack Class and Study Guide

We’ve been working like crazy on the new class and study guide for The Shack and it’s almost ready to go. Last week we even spoke with William Young and he was both excited and supportive to see that we’re finally coming out the other end of the tunnel.

The sign up page for this class and study guide is ready to go at

For those wondering what’s in store for this online class built around the book The Shack, here’s a brief description of course 1.

Beyond the Shack is a revolutionary, high impact, life-changing experience that engages the student in a deep and satisfying emotional connection to God: beyond rules, guilt and pain into relationship, joy and power! An exhilarating journey of discovery! A remarkable integration of teaching, coaching, social interaction and contemplation! The unique integrated coaching takes you beyond knowledge to actual experience of deep spiritual truth.

Course 1 – Forgiveness: Possible or Impossible?
Pain & Guilt: Neutralizing the Poison

When others hurt us, abuse us or commit horrific crimes against us, where is God in all of this and how could he possibly ask us to forgive? Forgiveness: Possible or Impossible? addresses the theme of forgiveness in The Shack book by William P. Young, and highlights the three distinct types of forgiveness, commonly taught as one. The course teaches common forgiveness myths, the dangers of premature forgiveness, and explains how to experience true freedom from those who have hurt us. If you are still feeling wounded by another, then this course is especially designed for you. Experience healing and a new freedom of your heart as you develop a loving and lasting relationship with God and others.

Student Comments: “I really liked the interaction with the other students on the conference call and was surprised at how fast a bond began and people started opening up.” “I liked the fact that there were seasoned staff on the call to ask the questions and keep the group on track.”

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Interviews With William Young About The Shack

While working on The Shack Class and Study Guide I found these interviews with William Young. They give a lot of insight into the pure passion he’s put into this book.

William Young Interview Part 1 of 3

William Young Interview Part 2 of 3

William Young Interview Part 3 of 3

Based on the comments about this book it’s pretty clear to me that people need additional information to process what they’re taking in. To me it’s less about “right vs wrong” interpretations but rather a willingness to explore your own values and beliefs when it comes to your relationship with God.

The Shack Class and Study Guide on the way. Won’t be long now.

If you have any questions you’d like covered, please leave them below.

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