Can Abuse Make You Fat?

January is a time for many Americans to take stock in what we have and make resolutions for a better future.  For many of us, getting into shape tops the list.  But for some, past pain runs deep enough that diet and exercise may not be enough.

A new article from TIME/CNN cites one research effort by Dr. Vincent Felittik showing that as many as 50% of obese men and women have been sexually abused.

While a diet and exercise are always good to implement when the scale begins to tip, many people suffer a quiet, hidden pain that is often unaddressed.  Some use alcohol, drugs, sex or food and suffer the consequences of those various methods of numbing the pain.

In the online course, "Journey to Freedom: Releasing the Past" Dr. Jim Sawyer addresses the various ways that abuse and trauma contribute to various addictions later in life, including food addiction.  "It is not only physical wounds that need to be lanced and drained, and be left open to the air in order to heal" Dr. Sawyer says.  "Spiritual and emotional healing need to go through a similar process."


How Childhood Trauma Can Cause Adult Obesity (Time/CNN) by Maia Szalavitz

Journey to Freedom (Free e-book)

Journey to Freedom: Releasing the Past (online course

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